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My daughter Kirstin came to me on friday morning and said that she visited heaven again. This is what she said: mommy I was in heaven again, I responded When wow. Last night she said and I said what did you see? Did you see Jesus again and she said yes He was waiting for me so I asked her how did you get to heaven did an angel fetch you? No she said I was just there I just opened my eyes and I was in heaven then I saw Jesus as He was waiting for me she could again like the first two times not see the face of Jesus there was to much light surrounding Him but she did say that He had a robe on it was white with gold. Then she said to me mommy I saw the flowers they were rainbow colours and they said welcome welcome. Then she said she saw the streets of gold and the beautiful houses we went in to a house got some nice  sandwiches and watermelon juice and had a picnic on the beautiful grass. They were talking and laughing she cant remember all they had talked about but remembered Jesus tickling her, when they finished eating their sandwiches and drinking their juice then Jesus said it is time to go home.

Jesus told Kirsten that she and her little brother must not fight with each other because it makes Him sad. He walked back with her to same place where He had met her then He said goodbye with a bigggg hug. She said to me mommy I did not want to come back !!!


The following testimonies are dreams of heaven, hell, end times and of Jesus given to two young girls, Rachel and Christie from South Africa. The Lord is revealing eternal truth and warnings for all who have ears to hear.

Rachel’s (5) dream of heaven – 12 September 2011

Monday morning before work, Rachel excitedly told me that she had a beautiful dream.  She dreamt there was a massive earthquake, and then Jesus took us to heaven!  I asked her who were taken to heaven, she replied that it was only people who believed in Jesus.  She said it was beautiful and very bright in heaven – it looked like a “new” earth.  Jesus held her in His arms and carried her like a baby.  He told her that He loved her.  She says He had long hair and a beard.  She kissed Him on His lips and He laughed!  He has a beautiful voice.  She also saw her grandfather that passed away earlier that year (cancer).  She said he looked “clean” and had a new body.  He also picked her up, kissed her and told her to tell us he sends love.  There were huge, beautiful angels dressed in bright, white robes.  Jesus also wore a white robe.  There were many palaces and lots of animals.  There were lots of people from different races.  There were a lot of beautiful, brightly colored flowers that talked to her.

When she saw a beautiful sunset that evening, pink and orange, she excitedly said: “That is what it looked like in heaven!”

Christie’s (9) dream, 10 July 2012

“The four of us were sleeping, when suddenly there was a bright light and we all woke up.  We saw the bright light, God the Father and Jesus standing next to Him.  They stood at a great wall that surrounded the houses God made for us – they opened the doors together.  The walls and doors were made of gold.  Inside was a beautiful playground with swings and lots of toys for kids and grownups.  We all enjoyed it there, it was so beautiful.  Then God closed the doors.  The people who did not know God, tried to force the doors open, but failed.  Jesus sent them to “the devil’s place” – it was very ugly there.  The devil looked like a dragon.  On his head were horns and a crown.  He had a tongue like a snake and his tail ended in a sharp point like an arrow.  The world was ugly:  Fire burnt everywhere, everything was in disarray.  It looked like the end of the world.  Then God made the world new, I saw a new Garden of Eden.  God told me it is time to go to our heavenly homes.”

Christie’s (10) dream, 28 May 2013 

This is what she told me:  She and a couple of children were making a big, red heart for Jesus.  They jumped up and down shouting:  “Jesus, Jesus!”  He came to them and jumped with them!  She saw us (her family) sitting at a huge table, she specifically said it was a FEAST.  My late dad (passed away 2 years ago) came and sat with us – he looked young and handsome and very happy.  She said the table had the most beautiful, brightly colored table cloth on.  The table was full of different dishes. Some dishes were covered and some, like the “perfect” chicken, was open. I asked her if everyone was seated, she said no, we were still waiting for some people who haven’t arrived yet.  (She mentioned some of our family members who have not given their lives to Jesus yet).  She said it felt as if she was in our house, just much bigger.  She said that she and an angel were asked to stand at the gate to keep out bad people and demons who were trying to come in.  Some demons threatened her and told her that the devil can kill her, but she said that she can defeat them, because of Jesus.  They fled when she said this, but one remained.  She killed it with a sword and the help of the angel with her.  And best of all for her:  she saw animals in heaven!

Christie’s (10) dream, 14 August 2013

Mommy, Daddy, Rachel, Christie and granny were in a library.  Jesus came down from heaven.  He took Christie’s hand, went up with Him through a hole into heaven.  Jesus said to her:  “Welcome in the New Jerusalem.”  She went to a room where she saw her great grandparents (whom she has never met) and her grandpa that passed away in 2011.  She was then taken to hell where she fought with Satan and his ugly demons.  Satan had 3 heads, 7 crowns and 2 tails.  His tongue was like that of a snake, his face and tails like a dragon.  All of us (Christians) had to fight against Satan and his ugly demons.  We won.

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  1. This realy touch me,I also have a boy and always pray’s that God wil touch him.I was reading this to him and he even asked a lot of questions.I hope our children will grow up to be God fearing children of the Lord.Your story made a huge difference,thank you.

    • our children is a gift from God that he has entrusted us with if we bring them up in His ways He will surley guide them and protect them remember what Jesus said to His dicipples let the children come to me the Lord adores children including your boy tell him that the Lord adores and love him and that He wants to have a relationship with him with you as well the more time we spend with our Heavenly Father the more we experience his unconditional love for us.

  2. Hi my name is avril I am a mom of three daughters 11, 12, and 23.We all loves Jesus very much.My daughter left home in January..I was praying, as I was sad and felt so helpless with this daughter’s situation that’s why I was praying so fervantly,This was just more than a month I had an encountin the morning hours between 2 and 3am I had just finished prayed, I sat in the dark just relaxing and meditating in my lounge in the dark.Suddenly the presence of the Lord was there, on my right side.I was not afraid, I stood up and looked him in the eyes.it was like balls of fire but full of love.I sat, and stood up again.So that mean I stood up twice to look into His eyes.But the third time I was sitting and my spirit was like a little bird, out of my body to look into His eyes while I was sitting.I also did that twice.And then He disappeared.I was crying for days.Because I didn’t know what to do when he visited me in such a manner.So I’m really going to prepare myself before another encounter.

  3. I´m a 42 year old man who gets visited and gos to heaven since my father passed away….I belive in it but do you~Its really easy to say you belive……Have you helped out your fellow man or woman today~I´m a person that greets people everyday and all day long, who helps out people…. I´m a sinple man,an easy going man who belives that by living in the system that you live in is not Gods will….. We all know our mission in life, well aleast i know mine…;. The great man Jesus died because people didnt belive in him and who he was. He would us to be free and to help one other so i ask all of you, Do you do this~ I used to live in the best country in the world till i saw what Mr. Bush and dad are doing and no 1 said nothing….So now i live in the jungles of Brazil, helping out everyday my fellow man in Gods system the way it was intended to be….I´m having an Amazing life and im not done yet…..YOU know your truth.. You know who you are… You know why you are here…
    Peace and Love to all and have a great day,

  4. I HAD A DREAM THAT my daughter who passed away years ago had a beautiful inlaid canoe built for me, and she was grown up in a lovely green dress and thick red hair. I also dreamed of myself walking with the Lord andHe showed me a four story cabin in what looked like Canada. I said so and He answered, “This is your home in heaven.” It looked like the Boundary Waters lakes of Canada, it was perfect. Last summer my wife heard a voice that said “I”M COMING BACK SOON!”

  5. I am a mom of two daughters 5 and 3. When my oldest daughter was 4 she told me that she had been to heaven. I asked her when she said she was in her room and saw Jesus and she went to heaven with him. I asked if he spoke she said no not a word he just sat with me. She described his clothes and said he had blueish eyes. It was beautiful and she said there was lots of toys to play with. She also saw a horse. Jesus’s horse. She has also seen my husband’s Uncle after he passed away. She told me he was at the house when we visited and she waived to him he waived back and he was gone. Now 5 she has such compassion and empathy when talking about heaven and Jesus and God. She asked me one day if she could have one of my crosses to hang in her room. I gave it to her and She hung it up. If we can all just take a moment to look through the eyes of a child…truly amazing. ..I believe

  6. My daughter says she goes to Heaven every night and sees her grandfather and Jesus. She said Jesus has holes in his hands and I don’t know what to do please give me some answers!

    • Hi Nicole my appologies for only replying now, Little Hugo also saw the holes in Jesus hands and feet, Colton Burpo dont know if you heard of him he also talked about the markers (holes) Jesus had in His hands and he also saw his grandfather. You need to believe your daughter dont doubt in any way hold on to the scripture the Lord gave me when my son at first told me about his dream and experience i also had my doubts at first but the Lord gave me this scripture and i just knew that this really happend: Acts 2:17 ” and it shall come to pass in the last days Says God that I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh: Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams. This is so precious what the Lord has revealed to her you must cherish it and if you do i am sure that the Lord will reveal so much more, you are truly blessed, remember the Lord just adore Children and he also says in His word that we must become like little children why do you think He said that i think it because of their faith and innocence 🙂 Regards Adele

  7. One week before my Grandmother passed, she called me to tell me of the four bloodmoons back to back on jewish holidays (2014-2015) she told me they were signs from God she also told me of which family members she worried about and what they must do to go to heaven. Three days after she passed i closed my eyes for a nap and they popped open in shock ,i quickly closed them back, I saw my Grandmother new and younder ,happy and healthy, giddy like a child waving to me sitting on a thrown red and gold, and then i saw a man looking down at me . I had cried for three days non stop, my grandmother was my mother,my grandmother,and my best friend in the world. what i take from this is my Granny wanted me to know sge was ok ,she wanted me to see her in Heaven,and i feel she and God want me to share this expereince and our conversation from the prior week. I still cry every day for a few minutes because i miss her so much but i do know she is happy and waiting for me in Heaven.

    • wowwww that is an awesome dream revelation you had about your granny so special yes i dont think our minds would be able to grasp just how much joy and love and peace there is in heaven woww so much to look forward to!!!

      • Hi there, I just so happened to come across this site and I am amazed that there seems to be a lot of children having visitations to Heaven. Our 7th child Kane, who is 10 years of age now, has been visiting Heaven for as long as we know. Like many other little ones that I have noticed, he too would dream of Heaven. I looked up N.D.E, Hallunications etc, etc,. I thought I was going crazy as I had not come across any one who experienced this until I started searching. Never once did I doubt him, but I have come to realise that these things are happening too much for us to ignore. Something is trying to tell us something. Kane would often say that Jesus didn’t look like all the pictures that he saw on the walls or in books and that Jesus had blueish, green eyes and that when he went to Heaven, that Jesus would be waiting at the gate and sometimes he would walk around Heaven. I asked him if he ever spoke to Jesus, in which he said, “Oh No Mum”, you only have to look into his eyes to know what he is saying. He was 6 when he said this. His dreams came more often when my Mother passed away from cancer, when he was 4. He would say that Granma was in Heaven sitting in a Rocking Chair (Mind you she never had one) and that she would always be resting. (My Mum never stopped working from Dawn till she went to bed at night). He has drawn pictures of Heaven and told me that the colours in Heaven were Awesome and that the flowers were Way much better looking then the ones we have here.
        Last year I came across a website of Akiane’s paintings, in which I studied it before I called Kane to come and look at the paintings. As I was scrolling down, he excitedly piped up and said,”Mum, go back, go back…”That’s Jesus…”Mum” that’s Jesus…..”Wow, she sure knows how to draw Jesus and then again he got excited and told me to go back when he saw Heaven. He described where everything was in her painting and told me where the Apple Tree was that he dreams about. My friends 18 year of Fox Terrier had passed away a few years ago and Kane tells us that she plays around the Apple Tree whenever he visits Heaven and that Granma watches him playing all the time with Missy Moo. He said that she looks the same age as his eldest sister who is 30 years of age. Mum was 66 years of age when she passed. He said he has been inside Heaven a couple of times and has met God. He has also told us that there are 3 chairs the middle one being the biggest and that God sits on this chair and that Jesus sits to the left of us and that something big on the other one, like and Angel. He describes a ball of bright white light which hovers up and down on God’s chair. He said that God talks in your mind and describes it as weird when you go close to him. But a very nice weird. It feels good, he says.
        Our Kane came to us in an unusual way and is 1% in the world, being born at 28 weeks premmie. How he is even alive, is only because of God’s Grace.
        I only just heard about Colton a month ago, watching the movie blew my mind. It was as if Kane was talking on his behalf. There is no doubt that something big is happening, we need to nurture our children and guide them in the best way we can. Cheers for now 🙂

      • My son passed two years alost three years ago he 28 yrs old during this time i was i mess crying would not eat or sleep. One night i finally fell asleep i dreamed that i was taken to heaven and there was a guide there waiting for me he took my hand a we walked not a word was said but it was beautiful there we reached this house we went inside and i saw my mother who passed in 1990 and my son who looked so good as my mother did they didn’t have on eye glasses they both wore before passing my mother and son told me they fine and happy and for me to stop worry about my son because he is with me his grandmom , jesus and god and we will be together again and for me to start being happy again. Heaven is so beautiful i will never forget it. But i am so happy my son is happy along with my mom.

  8. My nine yr old daughter says she dreams if heaven all the time and she talks to Jesus sits on his lap and even once kissed him in the cheek. She sees our deceases family members, she also mention’s Jesus having a beautiful voice and being held in God’s hands. Its amazing how descriptive she gets. I truly believe everything she says 😃

  9. “Peace that transcends all understanding”…..Philippians 4:7 At the ripe old age of 53 is when I had my dream about heaven. I was taught that when we walk through the “door” we are washed clean. I then saw my grandmother and she said that she loved spending time with her boys (my father and his brother). With this she confirmed that she still watches over them. I was then amazed by the site of never ending waterfalls. The Peace that I felt can not be described…..there are no words! Children are amazing. If you haven’t read the book “Heaven talks to Children” you should! It was a great read.

  10. My nine year old daughter visited heaven just two days ago. She said there were children running all over the place. Houses that it was just beautiful there and god gave her ice cream and a lady told her that she would visit again. My daughter said she saw my deceased step father and told me that God told her my friend was going to die that day and she did. She said his clothes were so beautiful and he floated in the air and the doors to heaven were so large. She loved it there and can’t wait to go back

  11. Monday, May 4, 2015
    My 6 year old son Tristan said that he had the best dream ever. He was cosy alseep in the clouds, he woke up and followed the son to Jesus. Jesus asked him “Do you know who I am?” and Tristan said yes. Jesus said, “then follow me.” He showed him all of heaven, it was bigger than all the world….there were lots of people, toys, and animals, and we had a trampoline that reached space….We went to Jesus’s house to CELEBRATE Him every Saturday…He stood in the window of his house and waved, but there was no glass, it was an open window…..we waved pom poms(he meant pom froms). I asked him what Jesus looked like, and Tristan said, He had a beard and hair above his lip, He was wearing a white thing on his head like Aladdin, and He was dressed in all white. I wondered what color Jesus’s eyes were, then Tristan said his eyes are ARCTIC blue!!!! He had never used that word before. I asked him who was there and he said, people who had died, and others like me. What do you mean like you? I asked, he said like me! I asked Tristan if we lived far from Jesus and had to travel a long way to see Him…No, we were close by and our house had a pool….we could swim under water and breathe!…I thought, I wonder if our house is little or big. And again, as if he read my mind, he said, Our house is sooo big, its like 200 feet and Jesus’s house is 400 feet. It was made of stones with green moss. I asked him if Jesus spoke to him, Tristan said yes, He asked me to get him a glass of water….Tristan also mentioned that God was there too, He had white hair and a white beard and wore brown. He later told me that Jesus is not our King, he doesn’t treat us like a king would treat us, HE is our LEADER!

    • wowww this is so precious please let us know if Tristan has more dreams bless you and your family for sharing your testimony with us we are so looking forward to the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ Maranatha !!

  12. hi! I am Grace. I am only 12 but I have had dreams and other things happened to me. a couple months ago I had a dream about Jesus. I had this dream cause I was closer to God than Jesus and I really wanted to be close to Jesus like I was to God, something was holding me back but I didn’t know what. I prayed that night to be closer to him and I had this dream. (when I was sleeping I was at our dads house) in my dream it started at the driveway at our moms house. I was further down the driveway and Jesus was barley under the carport. he was doing something but I don’t remember, he pointed in a way in saying come here. I ran up to him and hugged him, when we hugged he gave me peace. in my dream there was no talking at all. Jesus he was not bright but I could not see his face. he I think wore a white robe. I think he had long brown wavy hair and a brown beard. I sort a controlled the dream but not really. that’s all I remember but I know there was more in the dream. this morning this was not a dream nor a vision, I don’t know what it was, but I was also kind of controlling this to but also I didn’t cause some parts was suspiring to me. in the dream I and some other people where in this place with a wall around it and I think it may have been the tribulation or something but I wasn’t affected I guess u could say because I didn’t feel tortured or anything. it started raining fire that looked like mini meteorites. I remember saying something like to myself and then to them that’s what it said in the bible I remember that it said this would happen in revelations and maybe saying this is the end or something like that. then there was this lion made out of fire I think was making the fire fall. I knew he was good like on Gods side. I guess he thought I wanted more of it and I said wait no, and he knew what I was thinking and he said ok and he then turned to look different. also sometimes when I close my eyes ill see things made out of colors but not very easy to see. its hard to explain, sometimes ill see things like crosses or other things. idk if its just me or him doing this. a couple times it will just be dark and then white and yellow flashes of light. when I was in third grade I had a dream about going to heaven but I didn’t actually see heaven, its was kinda a weird dream some of my friends were in it and we had to do something to get to heaven in the dream. I love reading all these trips to heaven, I think its amazing. sorry this is long. God bless 🙂

  13. When I read these I was surprised of how detailed they were,because I had a dream but it was a short dream,it was that I was in heaven and I walked around until I found God and I was scared at first,but then relived.He told me who was gonna pass away in my family eventually.So I said “In the bible,how did u go from heaven to earth” All I heard him say was “It’s easier than letting Rudolph fly!”

  14. A week or so ago, I dreamed that I was in a beautiful field, with only a few trees here and there. My friends were building a tent out of leaves and branches, and when they finished it, they leaved and a storm started. The wind was blowing and grey clouds were shattered by lightning. Suddenly, the tent was taken by the wind. And an hole appears in the clouds. Light is coming from inside it, beautiful beams that made me feel calm and happy, the same feeling you would get in a church. Then I heard a voice. Powerful but gentle, I knew it was the voice of God. He spoke both in English and in Romanian (my native language) and it was a strange kind of language that I never heard before, but that I understood. He said: “See? Even if you disobey me, even if you don’t always do what I want, I still help you.” I was ashamed of what He said, and I was afraid that I might not go in Heaven. I was trying to rebuild the tent, I was holding a hammer in my hand, but when I wanted to use it, my hand wouldn’t move. And the voice kept saying “You disobey me, you don’t do what I tell you to, but I still help you.” When He said ”but I still help you” the wind took me up in the sky through that hole in the clouds. I was flying, and when I got up there, there were white fluffy clouds and a great waterfall, the most beautiful I have ever seen, and far away, a golden castle with towers. I felt so happy and peaceful and I heard laughter and I somehow felt smiley people, even if I didn’t see any. Then I came down to earth and there was a grave, with flowers and rocks and grass around it. When I got home, people were asking me to take them to the place where the grave was, and when we got there, I realised there was the picture of a saint on the gravestone and when I looked around I saw that saint. He was supposed to be dead.. I was shouting “Look, over there is the saint!” And the people were saying “Look! Isn’t that beautiful that she sees the saint?” And I was happy-crying like when you pray with all your heart and you start crying.
    This is how I interpreted it: when I do mistakes and I feel bad for doing them and try to fix them, God is pleased and that brings me closer to Heaven.
    I do not know what to say about the second part..

  15. i had a recent dream similar to these and it excited yet scared me. I dreamed that I was driving around some snow pile up and when i came around a bright light was streaming down from the sky in several different, distant places. I could remember thinking about how bad i wanted to go to Heaven and all of a sudden that same light shined on my car and my whole body went numb and i couldn’t move, i was being lifted. It was crazy!!

  16. This is awesome! I actually have video of my son talking he was 5 now 6 y/o and his trip to heaven with Jesus was amazing. He has a speech problem and had problems in school after going to heaven a few times he is now been doing good in school. Our children are truly blessings from God. I would love to share how his experience was. He described the angels as jelly fish, flowy transparent and beautiful. My son seen over 15 different animals. One he did not know of until he seen it on a movie it was a Tucan bird. He visited the beach which later i found out meant cleansing. He also descibed how Jesus had on an all white long dress. He mentioned playing with many children as he said they were yellow, black, white and brown. He had wings where he could fly around. It is truly amazing and I need to put this together on a CD. God is Awesome and his many wonders😊

  17. This is awesome! I actually have video of my son talking he was 5 now 6 y/o and his trip to heaven with Jesus was amazing. He has a speech problem and had problems in school after going to heaven a few times he is now been doing good in school. Our children are truly blessings from God. I would love to share how his experience was. He described the angels as jelly fish, flowy transparent and beautiful. My son seen over 15 different animals. One he did not know of until he seen it on a movie it was a Tucan bird. He visited the beach which later i found out meant cleansing. He also descibed how Jesus had on an all white long dress. He mentioned playing with many children as he said they were yellow, black, white and brown. He had wings where he could fly around. It is truly amazing and I need to put this together on a CD. God is Awesome and his many wonders😊

  18. I drempt I was killed and I died for a brief moment their was blackness and emptyness and I recall saying something like is this it and all of a sudden like a door being opened their was Jesus welcoming me and the love and the light I felt at peace he took me to one side and started to show me my family who I knew and they were not all their who had passed but most and this line of what I can only describe as my ancestors I started to go past them all like they was welcoming me I didn’t get very far but new it stretched out for ages then Jesus told me he loved me and it wasn’t my time to go yet I didn’t want to leave and told him this he had from what I can remember white robe with may e a green or purple sash a very chilled jaw and long brown hair his eyes were beautiful but cannot remember the colour now I’d like to say blue but would be guessing and I then awoke gutted was an understatement…

    On another occasion I had a nightmare where I was pushing my son on a swing in a beautiful house the next door neighbours garden at the bottom had a wooden weird door fence and it was broken we both went inside then weirdness started to happen they had a pool and my co workers and myself seen a girl by the side and she fell in he went to help then like a tsunami the pool took him and I could do nothing but shout noooo!!! We went inside their was lots of good people I couldn’t find my son I ran back outside he was sat on a swing which wasn’t their previously with another girl who gave him a cigarette I immediately grabbed his and threw the cigarette and ran back to the safety of the house with him and a horrid fear of just don’t look back came over me I didn’t and when in the people inside put dyl to sleep upstairs and started talking of something I couldn’t understand then something so frightening happened I was woken with my hear pounding and shaking really never feeling this scared in my life and I heard a voice saying go back to sleep weather it was a good or bad voice their was no way I was closing my eyes again to return to that…
    I only mention these as I had recently given up drugs after finding God and believe the devil was messing with me yet Jesus was helping me see the light I don’t no what do u think!!!?

    • I believe that God showed you how empty dark and scared our live can be without Him Glad you made the decision to give up drugs so proud of you and though it might not be easy God will strengthen you don’t ever look back keep your eyes focused on Jesus He will lead you and guide you He loves you very much that is why He showed you how life without Him can be like who wants to live a life without Jesus there would be no meaning no purpose. Don’t you take your eyes of Jesus stay close to Him He is coming soon!!

  19. In about 1991 or 92, I had a dream where I went to Heaven. I feel strongly that I didn’t dream of Heaven, that I actually went there. In the beginning I was in a large white house and I jumped out the window and started flying around. Before this, I was walking through a little hallway with a person in a robe who to me was Jesus. He told me there was no reason to worry ever about anything here, because this is the dream and that is the reality and when you wake up from the dream you are there and like a dream, the feeling of being here hangs with you for a short time but then fades away and you are awake. There were large pasture like parks with lots of beautiful flowers that were kind of out of focus and sparkling around the edges and people walking around in groups of 2 or 3 holding hands and talking, everyone was just happy, and I was flying through the air through the trees and back down to the ground, then I flipped over on my back and floated in the air and looked up at the sky and there was this huge wheel in the sky made out of some kind of sparkly material, maybe flowers, and it was all different colors and looked kind of like a peace symbol but all made of sparkly flowers or jewels, and when I say big, I mean it filled the entire sky from one edge to the other and was turning very very slowly. It was beautiful. The main thing about this dream, though, was not that I could fly or how it looked or anything else, it was that during the whole experience there was an absolute and total absence of anxiety of any kind in my stomach, it was a peace like I’ve never known in this body, there was no anxiety at all. I realized then that in these bodies we feel anxious 24/7, even when we are sleeping, but there it was completely gone. I have tried to explain this to people and they say things like “oh, yeah, when I was meditating, I felt peaceful like that” and I know that they didn’t. I’ve meditated a lot and I’ve felt some amazing things meditating and praying, but I’ve never felt that peace anywhere but there. It was the peace of God that passeth all understanding. So, I’ve never gone back but I hope to someday, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced.

    • Judy – Thanks for sharing your dream. I had a dream very similar in 1994 or 1995. It was the peace I felt unlike any I have ever experienced on this Earth that I remember the most, and when I woke up for a brief moment the peace lingered. It was the most amazing gift God has ever given me and if I ever start to doubt my faith I remember my very, very real dream of Heaven where I was fearless and peaceful, I didn’t know anybody but loved them as if they were my closest family. I also experienced a proper fear of God like a Father who I respected because I knew He loved and cared for me.

  20. i absolutely love this story. i recently just had a dream about jesus coming for all of us. it felt very real and i remember it being very vivid. jesus came and took my family and i to heaven. i remember him glowing so brightly and being everything i have ever learned about. when i hugged him it felt so real so originally i thought it was and that jesus actually came for us. further on into my dream we were all placed into a holding area until we actually went into heaven. it was absolutely beautiful where i was. i hate to say this but i honestly cant even describe how absolutely breathtaking it looked. later on, my family and i were called to meet with jesus and confess our sins and then be sent into heaven. sadly my dream stopped right as soon as we were called.
    i really wanted to share this because of how real it felt. i don’t understand why, but i really hope what happened to me was real.

  21. What is it called when a child has such dreams? I just listened to my friend talk about her daughters dreams about seeing heaven or people in white and there’s dark people on the other side wanting to be on the other side. She also talked about people going to die or getting sick then dying. One morning the girl knew even before her mom did that her great grandma had died.. What is this gift called?

  22. My 10 year old daughter went to heaven two weeks ago. At first when she told me I didn’t pay attention because I thought it was one of her kiddie dreams. But when I paid attention I realised she was in heaven. I recorded her and sent the recording to my Bishop’s wife. Bishop confirmed that it was a visit to heaven and he wants to pray for her. She was so excited when she told me about her encounter with Jesus.

  23. Hello again 😊 I last wrote back in January 2015 when our son Kane had visitations to heaven. He continues to have these dreams and as he is now 13, he has told me that he is not alone and that there are others just like him here on earth. He now has bright lights of orbs that come to him to give him messages and sometimes he does tell me, but he did also say that he can’t tell me everything and that to respect him for this as it is important. I know to respect this as he is truly on a mission that he is being lead to follow for something he knows is going on. Kane had a dream a few months ago that he was lying on the ground with a bible on his chest that he was holding and he had his eyes closed. He said he got up and saw that the world was falling apart and that there was earthquakes and natural disasters happening everywhere and he could here the cries of people and he said it was awful. He then said that he looked up towards the sky and there were angels surrounded by clouds and God was there. He said he knew that this was the end of the world and so he started to look for me and then he turned to see my friend next to him looking towards the sky smiling. He said he looked up and all he could hear was the moaning of the people behind him and he didn’t want to hear it but he said he knew he had to look towards the sky. As he kept thinking about where I could be, he said “Mum, I realised that you were already there”, and with that he said he was at heavens gate and Jesus was there and he said in a concerned voice, “Mum, not many people made it to heaven, as they didn’t believe. He then said that he saw me and he was so happy . We then played a game called The Apple Game and there were these fancy people dressed in 19th century clothes sipping cups of teas and they watched us play this game….he has had more stories, maybe I should write a book on these many stories. But something is certainly going on or about to happen, as he is seeing a lot more. 😊 Thank you for listening 😊

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